Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tiny Tots With Eyes All Aglow

I've been called many things in my life, but "auntie" has been my favorite name of all. I've been given many hugs in my life, but the ones that make me feel the warmest are the ones given by little arms squeezing as tight as they can. I've danced a few dances in my twenty-four years, but my favorites have been with a giggling little girl in my arms as we twirl and spin around the living room to whatever music happens to be playing. I've heard all manner of footsteps, but the ones I love best are of little feet running through the house to find Auntie Kellie. I love being an aunt.

 Little D, my nephew.
B, with her constant curl over her eyes.

Christmas trees and children. 

 When B first saw the tree, she was completely enraptured.

Making Christmas cookies at Grandma's house. 

 M and "Auntie Choo-choo." M was unable to say "Karis" at first and instead it came out as "Choo-choo" and Auntie Choo-choo she has become to all of the children.

 Licking the spoon.

This picture makes me laugh! I can just here G's little grunts as she shows interest in sharing with M.

I love all these little children with a passion that only grows bigger. I look forward to being part of their lives as they grow up and being their best friend. =)

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