Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Autumn Hearth & Home

I've been updated this blog pretty fast and furious...but I guess that it will just make up for the long months where I do absolutley nothing on it! What I've got today is really just "small" pictures - pictures not of grand events or life-changing happenings, but rather the small things of everyday life that make up the essense of what life is all about. A peak into our lives through the lenses of our camera, taken by whoever happens to have the camera in their hands (usually Mom or I).

 Walnut gleaning.

Carmel Apple Spice & I are best friends, altho Peppermint Mocha has tried to butt in.

 Petri aka Petie aka The Poof


 Men at work.

 Dad cooks dinner for us every Sunday night. When the weather's nice, it's usually an over-the-fire meal.

Our men do alot for our family behind the scenes.

 Like keeping the stove going.

 Teaching a friend to dance.

 The Virginia Reel. If you've never tried Old Country dancing, you should.
We love autumn.

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