Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve Happening NOW

Well, it's New Year's Eve and it's happening right now! When we don't get invited out somewhere for New Year's Eve (which is never, haha) we hang tight to home and celebrate by eating! Each member of the family picks out an appetizer to make and throughout the day (or possibly all doing it at the last minute...) we make our foods and feast the night away. That's my idea of a celebration!

Here's me taking my mini corn dogs out of the oven. I LOVE corn dogs!

Seth is making stuffed mushrooms.

Ryn is providing the Andies Mint Cookies, as well as Artichoke dip.

Stuart and Karis wrestled in the kitchen, adding to the mayhem.

And this picture was from earlier today. Dad, Ryn, and Seth are liscenced Ham radio operators. Seth can often be found sitting in the van (which is now equipped with a rather large antenna) talking on the radio to who-knows-who. He can also often be found doing said activity, but with a feline or two to keep him company.

Alright, back to baking!


  1. $2 for Settlers is almost cheating, I think...or am I envious of such a bargain?!! =P Ah, Katheryn is wearing her new flower! It's fun to see you at church again. =)


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