Saturday, December 10, 2011

Presents 'Neath the Tree...

I LOVE Christmas.

Christmas shopping has got to be one of my all-time, hands-down favorite things to do in the whole world. My love-language is "gifts," - I feel loved when I recieve a gift and I LOVE expressing my love for people by giving them gifts. And so naturally, Christmas holds alot of love for me. I do alot of my shopping online, not because I don't like going out to the stores personally, but because most of my gifts are found online - Amazon and Ebay being my territories. I usually start plotting my gifts months before December, sometimes keeping a list tucked away at my office throughout the year so I don't forget a good idea. And when it comes time to start buying, hitting that "Confirm Purchase" button sends a thrill through me that feels like magic in my veins.

Our Christmas Tree 2010

And I just bought my last online purchase, completing the purchasing of all my "main" gifts! And I've got to say - I do believe I scored this year on presents. I can't wait til everyone can open them! The suspense kills me so much that I usually go around and tell all my family that I just bough their present, but can't tell them what it is...because I'm so excited that I have to at least let them know I bought it. My family chuckes along with me because I guess it is pretty laughable that I get such a thrill out of gift buying.

But I don't mind. =)

One of our two navity scenes.

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