Friday, December 9, 2011

S + A = Love

Since I don't post that often and I'm actually here at the computer, I figured I'd go ahead and post some results from a recent photo shoot I had! I dabble in photography and although can only be called an artist-by-accident, I can at least boast of shooting fully in manual. =)
(Note: I love my friends and I love my pictures. Please do not take the liberty of copying any of my pictures! Thanks!)

This beautiful woman has been one of my absolute best friends for over a decade. We became fast friends over a common love of the old musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at a slumber party. Since then, we've done everything together and been there for each other through good times and bad. I had the extreme priviledge of shooting her engement pictures back in August, as she was preparing to marry this man:

A is a mid-west boy to the core!

Cute couple!

I think A could conquere the world with S on his arm. =)

Definitely my favorite photo prop!

Congratulations to my best friend and her husband! Happy 2 1/2 months of marital bliss!

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