Friday, February 24, 2012

The White Way of Delight

Blossoms. There's almost no words to describe the beauty of an almond orchard in full bloom. It's like a spring snow. It's breathtaking, with the soft fluttering of countless pedals drifting lazily to the ground, blanketing the ground so thickly you almost can't see the ground. I've been forced to admire them merely through the windows of my car either on my way to work or on my way home from work, and it's been slowly killing me not to be able to go drink them in...but tonight I got home from work before it was dark, and so I grabbed Karis and Stuart...and we ran out into the acres of blooming orchards surrounding our house for a good old-fashioned romp together.

 We found Beaver's Dam. I called for Mr. & Mrs. Beaver. They must not have been home.
If you squint into the background, you can see the wall of blossom trees stretching off behind our house and property. In  a few years, the little sticks with white boxes around them will be glorious almond trees blooming on their own. We'll be surrounded. =)

Almond blossom country is my heart-country.

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