Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mountain House

We've always been a hard-core camping kind of family, but as the Offspring began to join our expanding family, we quickly realized that outdoor living with small children is less than relaxing.

So enters Plan B...which insidentally due to it's total amazingness is becoming our Plan A. Introducing "our" Mountain House:

This incredible house-for-rent can be found in a seculed portion of a not-to-near and not-to-distant mountainous portion of our state. With a house big enough for our entire growing family, with wrap-around deck, huge seperate game room, trails for "exploring," and just plenty of room to breathe, it's our own private paradise. And we recently spend a few glorious days away from the hustle and bustle of life cloistered away in the comforting spaces of the Mountain House.

Little M & I went "bear-hunting," which morfed into playing Narnia and being chased by the wolves. Although when I said "the White Witch is coming!", Little M said "the White Witch isn't scary. Wolves are scary." So we continued to be chased by wolves.

Little G.

On Sunday morning, we had our own little family church services, which consisted of singing hymns from memory as Seth lead, Little M "reading" from the bible (and doing an incredible job of retelling some bible stories, even if the Christmas story somehow got mixed up with David & Goliath), and just straight and pure reading of the Word. Best church I've had in years.

How fitting is it that I should be reading a book on fire-fighters?? I mean, seriously. I'm telling you, there's just something about fire-fighters. ;-)

Lights on the deck after dark.

Little M.

Little B. Love this face!

Little D.

Ow, ow, smokin'! My sister KL.

Dad. Yup, my dad has a servant's heart. He was washing the dishes.

Littles M & D.

My time up there was cut sadly short because I had to be responsible and head back to the real world to go to work. The rest of my family staid up there, while Seth and I came back home and bached it for awhile. I'm already majorly looking forward to our next venture up to our Mountain House.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful mini-holiday!

  2. Yes! I totally remember you! You didn't look familiar to me, but I do remember you now that you placed your self =D Hope to see you this year!


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