Monday, March 26, 2012

My Boys in Confederate Gray

This past weekend was the first Civil War reenactment of the 2012 season! For this event, my mom, sisters and I stayed home, only going up to see the first battle on Saturday. Seeing this battle was really important, because there was a brand new soldier out on the field.

See that boy carrying the flag? That's my brother Stuart. He turned 12 in December, which means, after 6 years of watching his dad and brothers out on the field, he was finally old enough to be on the field himself! He made a fine looking color-bearer and I was seriously proud. =) 

The 43rd Virginia - also known as my friends and family. The studly young Lieutenant on the left is my 19 year old brother Seth. Yah, I just can't help having good looking soldiers in my family. =)

Pardon the telephone wires.

 This is one of my favorite shots. My dad turning to give encouragement to Stuart.


 No one was harmed in the making of this picture.

Hurrah for the Confederates and hurrah for reenacting season 2012!

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