Monday, April 30, 2012

April Finale

This past weekend was a glorious one. I feel like my life has a whole new halo surrounding it now that my shackles of despair are gone. Sunday was a really special day as I was able to just spend a large portion of the day just reading Scripture. I'm making a discipline of that. I so often, when I feel the need to fill up my Spirit-tank, just grab my journal and pen and endeavor to just talk to God. I'm a big advocate of copious amounts of just talking to God in prayer, so I always encourage it. But I'm realizing that in emphasizing prayer and communication with God in my life, I've minimized the reading of the Word. I'm filled myself with "Spirit" but neglected to balance it with Truth. Make sense? Anyways, I want to be a woman of the Word, steeped and saturated in the Holy Truth.

Karis, Katheryn and I on a sunset walk on the dirt roads behind our house (Stuart also came, hence the man behind the camera)

Celebrity sightings.

 More evening walks.

And finally, some of Scott's graduation pictures.

I couldn't help but take a sun-behind-subject picture. It's my weakness, you know.

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