Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ode to the Cookie Crumble Mocha Frappachino (Starbucks New Drink)

A sleepy morning, a toasty car
The sun streaming down so bright
When did my eyes fall fast upon
A wondrous caffeinated sight

Just beyond the exit on my right,
So convenient for my commute
So green, so round, so hypnotizing
Was the Starbucks sign en route

I swung the wheel, I set my sights
On a White chocolate mocha frap,
Unaware that just before me,
Lay a hidden betrayer’s trap

Was it the music? Was it the air?
Was it something in the water?
Why did I heed that bright new sign?
I was a lamb led to the slaughter.

Cookies, cream, and coffee in one,
It seemed a worthy treat
But could I betray my White Chocolate,
For this encroacher’s beguiling entreat?

“Good Morning, may I take your order?”
I tried to resist this trap
But my mouth did open and say these words

“I’ll take a tall Cookie Crumble Frap!”

With my first sip of this brand new drink
It took a moment yet to decide,
Would Cookie be better than White Chocolate?
I sat up straight and cried:
"So cool, so cookie, so creamy,
So easy on the eyes!"

It was the White Chocolate Mocha’s fall,
And the Cookie Crumble’s rise.

By Kellie


  1. That's such a neat idear! Loved the poem!

  2. LOVE! I work at Starbucks (one of the Target ones) and I agree, it's delicious!

    BUT~there is a way for you to get both worlds! Instead of the regular dark mocha syrup...you could get the white mocha syrup! And then keep everything else the same!


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