Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday ~ Go to the Aunt

The Auntie-mobile. The Auntie-bag (filled with toys). Auntie's house. Etc. Needless to say, anyone who's watched this blog for more than a week will know that my Auntie-ship is one of the dearest and most precious things in my life. And so, I introduce my mascot: the Ant!

 I keep a small garden outside just outside of my bedroom, and it's become one of my "secret" places (not secret because no one knows about it, but secret because I often go there to think or pray). I was at Joann's the other day, perusing their garden section and this little beauty jumped up and waved frantically at me, just begging to be bought!

Unfortunately, this little Ant's price tag was a little high and so with sadness, I left her there...only the think of her every time I went into my garden. I finally decided to just go back and get her, because she just belonged with me. And lo! A 60% off tag hung over her smiling little face. Even better. =)

So, this is Auntie's Ant. I can't wait to introduce her to my nieces. My Ant's about as big as they are!

Isn't she cute? She's got such a friendly, pleasant face. The kind of face that will listen to your whispered thoughts and murmured prayers when one sits alone in one's flower garden.


  1. This is soo cute! Love it and love how much you car for and get excited about your role as an Aunt :)


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