Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Starbucks Tuesday

This morning, I felt like a drink, so I took a vote and won unanimously. Starbucks on my way to work it was! I knew that a coffee beverage was out, as the last few times I had coffee in the early morning, it was less than pleasant by the afternoon (I suspect a developing inner aversion to dairy products. Please weep with me [it's biblical]). Anyways, now, in the past few months, I've noticed a popular tea that looks fantastically delicious. Namely, the Passion Tea. Doesn't it look like it should take robust and fruity?? The kind of thing that makes your taste buds sing and dance for pure joy? Well, being a fan of the Green Tea Lemonade  I thought so. So with great anticipation, I ordered a venti passion tea. 

Taken on the ol' zebra phone...

Four sugar packets later, I was left disillusioned, holding just the empty sugar packet dream I'd had about the Passion Tea. To put it bluntly, it's bland. Tasteless. Not a winner. And after referring to the Starbucks online menu, I believe I should have ordered a Passion Tea Lemonade. Corresponding with my Green Tea Lemonade. Oh well.

But at least it didn't cost much. And as the old proverb says "A cream cheese danish covers a multitude of sins." =)


  1. Indeed, adding lemonade would have made it much better.
    I also like to add a touch of raspberry syrup-gives it a little something extra.

    1. Ooh! GREAT idea! I never think of adding syrup to things! Maybe that gives is the something-something I was missing! =D


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