Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday ~ Girls Night

My sister Katheryn and I have two of the most amazing friends. They happen to also be sisters. Even though one of them is married, we still get together and have girly evenings together. Her husband is a good sport. =) Saturday night was our 3rd installment of "Nice Dinner & Gift Exchange." We draw names, pick a theme and buy presents for each other. It's wondrously fun!

This time began with a barbecue.

 L did a fab job with the steaks!

 Some of us preferred our steak to have evidence of continued mooing; some of us *cough cough* preferred a certificate of death before eating. =)

Mrs. R (and baby R inside!)

 Katheryn was kind enough to take pictures of the photog. =)

 Katheryn & L

Our dinner up on L's balcony was....simply put, romantic. =)


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