Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wednesday ~ A Bit of 4th

So far, July 4th 2012 is getting a 5-star rating from me. In honor of the occasion (and to bring to work's office bbq) I wielded my cheesecake making skills. With fear and trembling, I picked a cheesecake recipe hereto untried. A strawberry white chocolate cheesecak.


After!! If I might breath a sigh of relief and tasted a-mazing! Like a proffessional store-bought one. =)

In a bit of pre-4th fun, we went swimming last night with my sister's family. As a 25 year old, plain swimming around a pool has lost it's savor, but helping little nieces and nephies to "swim" brings back the fun!

We're begun having our own little spontaneous flag raising ceremonies on patriotic holidays. Sometimes Scott and Stu will grab their airsofts guns and give us a one or two gun salute! Here we are pre-raising.

Here we are after Stuart's mad skills at flag-raising and a rousing chorus of The National Anthem as we put our hands to heart in a circle around the flag. I love home made celebrations.

Happy Independence Day!

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  1. That cheesecake looks amazing! Wow! Now I want to try it :) I also love the pics of you and the little ones in the pool. So sweet.


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