Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday ~ This and That

It's with the energizing encouragement of the Jurassic Park soundtrack that I bring you this post today. I haven't been wielding the camera much lately, as I've been pretty busy. Actually...busy isn't right. Rather, occupied with other things. I've had this past week off and let me tell you, God always gives me an unexpected vacation from work right when He has a work He wants to do in me. This week was one of them.

I'll give you four pictures to illustrate what else is going on in my life right now...

Katheryn and I went on a no eating out/nothing but water to drink "restraint" for two weeks. Today it ended. I was prepared. =)

I've been sewing more lately, mostly because of a babyshower that I'm hosting (yay!!) and I'm making yards and yards of fun bunting to hang across the yard we're doing it in. This pattern has nothing to do with the babyshower, haha. But check out the stinkin' cute comfy pants I'm making!

Remember that babyshower I just mentioned? By theme is Bunting and Vintage Bicycles. I shouldn't have made this picture black and white, since you can't see the cute color of the lace I'm using for on the table. But isn't this little trike so cute??

And this is my baby flashlight lantern I just bough for my camping trip (if one night in a tent can count as "camping") this weekend.

That's it. =)

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  1. Just so you know, I'm excited to see pictures from this baby shower I keep hearing about! I know it's gonna be beautiful :)


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