Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday ~ Emergency Starbucks Monday

It's not Tuesday. Or Thursday. But this morning would not have been pretty without some awakener in my system! It was a fantastic weekend, and I'm stiff and sore as....well, as someone REALLY out of shape who's tent is at the bottom of a big hill and every other desired location is somewhere UP the hill. And, of course, I'm completely exhausted. So, out of shear necessity, I called an Emergency Starbucks Monday.

Conscientious of too much fattening foods lately, I ordered a no-fat White Chocolate Mocha, no whipped cream....HOT this time. It's been cool in the early mornings, despite it being the peak of summer. I also ordered a cream cheese danish (I can't drink coffee on an empty stomach, and there's usually nothing to grab for breakfast, so that's why I usually have some kind of pastry)...but since the cream cheese danish is rapidly being donated to my digestive system, we'll forgo that picture. =P

Camping pictures up next!

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