Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday ~ Play Day

This morning I went and picked up my niece and nephew so that their mommy, who's been waylaid by morning sickness, could have the day off. We started out out "play day" by going to the park before going to "grandma's house." The swings were a big hit! I couldn't help laughing myself at their gleeful non-stop giggling. I did learn something, though. When going down a long twisty slide, always check the bottom of the slide for pooled water. I found the puddle as I slid (rather fast) down the slide with D-boy in my lap. It was literally a wave, soaking me to the skin and dripping down my legs. Thankfully I had a sweater I could tie around my waist. I learn a lesson every day


  1. You're such a good sister/aunt! They're blessed to have you :) And I love all these pictures. I do.

  2. Wow! Kellie, they're grown up so much!!! so cute! as always, of course. =P


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