Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday ~ 20 Reasons That I Would Make a Terrible Wife & Should, Therefore, Never Marry

1) I absolutely hate to share a bed. I can't stand something live (other than a cat) touching me while I'm trying to sleep. Ugg.

2) I don’t like to cook.

3) I hate it when people touch me. Touch is NOT my love language.

4) I often prefer burying myself in a book all day instead of talking to organic life-forms around me.

5) I MUST own at least five cats to be relatively happy. I am the crazy cat lady.

6) I do not like packing work lunches.

7) I cry way too easily.

8) I am a peculiarly picky eater. Add not liking to cook plus being a picky eater, any husband would probably starve.

9) Sports do absolutely nothing for me. Bored to death.

10) I’m a control freak.

11) I already have all my children’s names picked out. And they are unique. And I will not waver.

12) I’m easily offended.

13) I can’t stand bad breath. Sharing a bed? Morning breath? Negative.

14) I despise facial hair.

15) I’m OCD about getting places on time or early.

16) I’m too stubborn.

17) I'm always losing things. And when I lose something, my stink-face comes out. Code for: Watch out.

18) I leave bobby-pins e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

19) I sleep very light and toss and turn constantly at night.

20) Whenever I see a cat, I involuntarily say “meow.” Potentially annoying/embarrassing.



  1. LOLOL Oh my word, my friend--this made me quite literally laugh out loud. *Very* loud. ;) Mind if I pay you the highest form of flattery, imitation, & write my own post similar to this?

  2. Do you know that male chef's exist? that they like cats and have a different love language? You never know Kellie ;) I resumed blogging on my original blog for's only 1 post so far :) Not sure about the direction of the blog but it's a start. Let me know what you think.

  3. Too funny. I don't like packing lunches either! :)



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