Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday ~ The Evening Get-Away

Last Wednesday night, on a whim, Mom, myself, Scott, KJ and Stuart loaded up into my little Mazda and drove the 45 minute drive to a river park/wildernessy-area. It was heaven. Scott fished and Stuart fished. Mom, KJ, and I found clefts in the rock...and just read for a few hours. The beautiful terrain, the cool breeze, the gurgle of the river, the quiet of nature. It was wonderful. At one point, mom sighed and said "this is like a mini vacation." We all sat in the quiet as the sun slowly began to go down.

 I'd vowed to myself to climb the giant "hill," something I'd never done despite the numerous times of having been there over the years. Stuart, KJ and I hiked up, which is where we also so an old abandoned gold mine. We sat on a log on the top, next to a deer trail and soaked in the sunset vista. I honestly can not find words to describe how beautiful it was. Golden. That's the only word that comes close to capturing it.

We plan to go back very soon.

{photos courtesy of mom (except the one of her); edited by me}


  1. Looks like a gorgeous getaway. And one only a relatively short time down the road! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Oh how lovely! Such good pictures too. Great job Miss Trout :)

  3. Oh, and I just saw that your mom took them and you edited them. So great job to Mrs. Trout too! ;)


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