Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday ~ I live. I love. I like...

Nature Valley Dark Chocolate & Oat granola bars.

Finding the perfect shoes for my bridesmaid dress and totally diggin’ the whole outfit.

Being overwhelmed this morning by the undeniable smell of fall.

Free Route 44 root beers from Sonic.

Spontaneous evening get-aways: sitting on a rock along the river, reading a good book. So peaceful.

“Hiking” up a steep hill with my siblings on that same get-away to see an old gold mine.

Co-workers who think throwing paper clips all over my desk is suitable payback for what I did to him (which was undeniable un-toppable, hehe!).

Being part of a bluegrass lovin’ (and playin’) family.

Stacking a cord of wood with my brother while wearing gardening gloves and flip-flops.

Castles in the sky.


  1. Love that picture of your beautiful self :) Hey, wanna come hike with me? We can enjoy fall together then!

  2. :) Sounds wonderful...especially those perfect shoes & root beers!
    {And I looked at your re-enactment posts you linked to in a comment on my blog. SO jealous! Wow...wish I could've been there in person! One day, someday. ;) }

  3. oh I reallly liked this post! and also your blog! I just found it today! sounds like a lot of fun, I haven't been to a gold mine inn forever!
    have a great rest of your day!

  4. mmm! free root beers! that's a sure fire way to have a great day =) thanks for stopping by my blog!


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