Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

Well, it's Starbucks Tuesday here in the office! Wherever you are, I hope you're having a great day - whether you're having a Starbucks Tuesday, a bagel-and-cream-cheese Tuesday or an Egg McMuffin Tuesday. If it's the later, my sincerest condolences.

 I really debated last night and today on whether I should continue my Starbucks Tuesday events. Because, to borrow the colloquialism, I'm trying to lose weight. Yeah, yeah, I know. Everybody's trying to lose weight these days and I promise this will not become a"look how I lost weight" blog. We see enough of those on Pinterest, thank you. Anyways, I've been gradually gaining weight the past few years and it's now picking up at an alarming rate. I blame nothing but myself. I'm the one who opens my mouth and puts things in. I've always been a skinny girl and when I tell people I'm working on losing weight, they usually still scoff at me. But believe me, folks, I know how to hide it; there's more beneath this sweater than meets the eye. *grin*

Anyways, it's also not just about losing 20 pounds; it's also about me learning discipline, physically and spiritually. I'm terrible at self-discipline. I've developed that nasty habit of "comfort eating." When I was younger and I'd hear women talking about how they were always defaulting to eating, I'd think "well, just stop eating!" Now as a 25 year old woman who's dream metabolism changed at age 22 and who's learned that eating yummies is a great escapism, I'm finding out that "just stop eating" is not as easy as it sounded to my teenage self. Can I get an amen? Anyways, I need to learn to not let food be my go-to; as a Christian, my go-to should be Christ.

All that to say, I thought about cancelling S.T. for awhile, but I finally decided to at least start out by not getting something loaded to the gills with milk and creamy fatness.

It being a cold morning that felt like autumn was just about here, I went for:

Hot cocoa. :) It's kinda nostalgic, doncha think? I always feel kinda juvenile ordering hot cocoa at Starbucks, but it's so good! Not as good as a local coffee shop's hot cocoa, but still delicious.

Side note: anybody out there getting spammy email notifications on blog comments that aren't there? I've been avalanched with them and their all laughable not real, but they're still coming from the same "noreply-comments" email address that all my legit comments email notifications come from.


  1. I'm right there with you, trying to lose weight after a blissful childhood of being an able to eat whatever I wanted and still be annoyingly skinny. Gotta love puberty and slow metabolisms! =P
    My Mom likes the skinny mochas, there not my fav, but they are only 110 calories for a tall!

  2. Starbucks has LOTS of good low cal/low fat/low sugar choices! :-)

  3. Starbucks is SO yummy though. It's a good thing I only get one when I get into the "city." The closest is about an hour away. :-D

  4. YUM--I, too, am trying to manage/lose weight. Nope...get stronger. ;) Anyhow, I need to cut back on Starbucks "treats". More the delectable little tidbits that SO go w/coffee drinks rather than the drinks themselves. All about portion control--I need to make myself make a tall or at the very "worst" a grande really last instead of always going for venti. ;) My favorite "skinny" is the Skinny Caramel Macchiato double. ;)

  5. I would recommend this "course" for anyone trying to lose weight. It's more like a Bible Study and really gets to the heart of why we turn to food rather than to God. You should definitely check it out -- even if you don't need to lose weight, then principals are true for all sorts of things. Theres an eating plan that goes along with -- I would recommend using the healthy eating one rather than the fasting one unless you think you have a severe food addiction.



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