Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

Excuse me while I prop my eyelids open...*yawn* As much as I dislike admitting to absolute exhaustion this morning, I am. We spent Labor Day out at the lake, canoeing, fishing, and general fun. And didn't get into bed until past midnight and even then not stopping to even blow-dry my wet hair. BUT - I have lots of great pictures to proof and edit over the next few days, and perhaps in the near future, this blog will tell the Labor Day story, complete with "The Worm Story." Yes, I have a worm story to tell. But not today. Because today is Starbucks Tuesday, and already the poisoned nectar is reacting with my body's sleepy cells and bringing coherence back into my life.

I was too exhausted to even try and be adventurous and creative with my beverage this morning. I just weakly stuck my head out my window and mumbled the words that are tattooed into my coffee-drinking brain: Grande White Chocolate Mocha Frap. Yes, I was so tired I didn't even finish it with "uccino." I didn't even say thank you. I blame it on that worm...

Pardon me while I take a quick nap over coffee....

But I would like to announce the one thing this morning that, aside from the actual W.C.M. that I'm currently downing, did brighten my day! And the announcement is: the fall drinks are in at Starbucks!! Oh Pumpkin Spice, how I love thee! Oh, Carmel Apple Spice, how I have missed thy sweetened warmth! Oh, Salted Carmel Thingy, how I need to try thee! But, even though the harvest drinks are in, I'm still going to wait until at least October to begin the intake celebration. Even though I can't believe it's September, it's still not quite time to actually do fallish stuff. I'm pretty traditional that way. Because I love love love love love fall, and it can only be truly, fully, completely celebrated in it's natural time.


  1. =D Your comment really blessed me, Kellie! Glad to have "met" you, too! <3 That frap looks SO good--gosh. Been trying to be...well, I won't say "good" but better at how often I indulge {& spend money} so my last Starbucks run was shaken iced tea. SO good on the humid day! Although I *may* just have to pick up a Caramel Apple Spice thingy--never had one! Like you, though...I'll wait till October, & when I change my blog background, to get a Pumpkin Spice! <3

  2. Oh my goodness, that Starbucks looks so good!!! I haven't been to one in a while--just been too busy--but I might need to slow down and stop by and pick up a pumpkin spice.

    Feel free to pop by my blog sometime. www.fromfaithtofootball.blogspot.com


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