Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

I was so tempted to celebrate the advent of autumn by having my first Starbucks fall drink...but no! I must hold out until October 1st! Which is so close! To appease my fall-ish cravings, I pulled out one of my long-sleeved cardigans from last year (since it's cool enough for sweater...even though I wear cardigans all year long?), wore my Chucks to work, and turned on classical music in my office. And you know what? It feels like fall!!

I threw caution and weight-gain to the wind and got:

Grande' Cookie Crumble Mocha Frap, with regular whipped cream instead of the chocolate whipped cream. Despite my rave reviews on this drink several months ago AND the "Ode to the Cookie Crumble Mocha" that I wrote, I actually haven't had this drink a second time since then.

Hope anybody reading this is having a fab Starbucks Tuesday! Play yourself some classicals today and get in the mood! Oh, and to prove that it really must be fall: I'm getting my frantic fall/winter urge to sew!


  1. Ah! How I love this coffee infused season :) And I see you do too! Love seeing pictures of YOU on your blog. I miss you dear.

  2. That looks SO yummy, Kellie. :-)

  3. YUM--too sweet for my blood, though. ;) That & I'm not a chocolate person...I have had one sip of my sister's when she got this & WOW is it a sugar rush! <3
    {Due to WAY too many checkbook entries reading "Starbucks" & wanting to gain some self discipline & lose some weight, I'm forcing myself to go every *other* week, only ONCE, if that at all, for Starbucks. *Insert wailing & gnashing of teeth!*} ;) So...I can live vicariously thru your Starbucks Tuesday posts! <3

  4. I just had my first ever Starbucks a few months ago, and that's exactly what I got;) S'like heaven...


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