Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday ~ Little Letters (Special Link-Up Edition)

**In order to participate in Rissi's Little Letters Link-Up, I have bowed to the trend and written some little notes of my own**

Dear Autumn Barn Dance:
I am really looking forward to decorating you! Let’s turn our barn into a fall fairy-land, ok?

Dear Frock Coat that I Need to Finish Sewing:
Don’t worry, I WILL get you finished in time. No matter than I was commissioned to make you a year ago. ;)

Dear Rolo McFlurry:
Despite the fact that you originated in a McDonald’s….thou art delicious.

Dear Fire-fighters:
Thank you for everything that you do for us on a daily basis that we don’t even think about or know about. You people are my heros.

Dear Dr. Who Fans:
Pleeeease stop giving away crucial information! I’m anxiously awaiting Season 1 to arrive so I can finally embrace the bandwagon, but I don’t want to know anything before I start! 

Dear Niece/Nephie Due in May:
I can’t wait to meet you in 7 months! I really should have gotten a mini-van instead of a 5-seater.

Dear Classical Music:
You make it feel more like Fall!

Dear Mazda:
I was so excited to get to drive you today because you are finally clean and sparkly again!
Dear Home-Owners:
Just so you know...I LOVE house-sitting! Think of me when you go on holiday! *smile*

Dear Bobby Pins:
The many things I can do with you continues to amaze me! You're the Coca to my Cola!


  1. Boo to spoilers! Pinterest and FB are like a spoiler mine field when it comes to Doctor Who and Downtown Abby!
    Season one Doctor is my favorite, I hope you enjoy hopping on the band wagon!

    1. You can say that again!! Thankfully most spoilers I happen to see mean nothing to me since I don't know what they're talking about, but a few times times I have to start humming "The Song that Never Ends" to try and erase it from my brain as quickly as I can!

  2. Love this, Kellie - thanks for linking up!

  3. Hi Kellie! Found your link through Rissi's website, great list! Have fun watching Doctor Who, I only started watching it from start to finish (new Who at least) last year and it was the best decision ever xP


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