Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday ~ Up on the Rooftop...of a Graham-Cracker House

Last night our dining room was the scene of much master-minded construction. Armed with graham crackers, bowls of candy and frosting, we squeezed around our table and began dreaming up our own little house. Us being all my siblings (minus the Married's) and our "honorary siblings" from next door. It was so much fun! Sugar abounded along with the laughter and I tell you what, I was truly impressed with the originality and talent that each person put into their houses/church/castles!

{intense creativity; actually, it was more like, "lets just stick this candy here..."}
{Karis & K made this impressive castle complete with "moat" and draw-bridge}

{Scott made a church; notice the "nativity" in the front year, somewhat reminiscent of Veggie Tales!}

{this is my little house...but unfortunately, it's little four walled cuteness looked disturbingly like an outhouse next to everyone else's larger creations!}

 {this is Seth's "church;" being the avid ham-radio operator that he is, his had to have an antenna}

{main street}

{the construction crew!}

{photos by both me and mom; the lighting in our dining room is horrible, so sadly, the harsh flash was necessary}


  1. You guys are brilliant! We use graham crackers for our houses (glued to little milk cartons, what can I say, we like a stable house!) but never thought of using the chocolate ones. We haven't made them in a few years, I miss it.....or maybe I just miss the frosting/candy eating free for all..... ;-)

    That's a good looking set of houses you've got there!

  2. How *fun!* If half my family weren't gluten-free this would be SO fun to do with them!!
    ...I like your "outhouse", just for the record. Although that church is *pretty* tricked out. ;)
    P.S: I like your apron. <3

  3. Your new header is super adorable! I am so discouraged by this post....just have to say... LOL. Okay. My gingerbread houses are still infamous for their hilarity. Yup. Last year? STILL being mocked about frosting a gingerbread man to the roof of my house to keep it from sliding apart. It's been dubbed now and forever the "Gingerbread Tanning House"........apparently he was tanning on the roof. In the winter. O_o

  4. I just wanted to say that I really like this post. I love how all your pictures show off the creativity of the gingerbread creations! Soo cute.


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