Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday ~ Littles In Leaves

On Saturday, as we were all in our van driving our newly-chosen Christmas tree home, we passed the street where my sister and her family live. As we looked down the street at their house like we do every time we drive by their road, we saw all four of them bundled up against the chill afternoon raking leaves out in their front year. There was a loud unanimous cry of "Lets stop! Dad, can we stop?" So we did.

 Whether we actually added in their leaf-racking or just added more happy chaos, I really can't say, hehe, but it was fun nonetheless! But after about 20 minutes of playing in the leaves and talking, we piled back into the van and once again resumed our little journey home. Oh, how I love my family!

{photos by mom; edited by me}


  1. Christmas trees and playing in the leaves all in the same day.....I never would have thought it was possible, until I moved south!
    I love leaf playing!

    1. Well, in certain parts of the Western US, it IS possible. :)

  2. Aww! Such sweet pictures. I love how you captured all of their adorable expressions! And of course, falltime pictures are always wonderful :)


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