Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday #2 - Christmas Tree Extravaganza Two-Thousand-and-Twelve

Sunday night was the scene of bedlam and chaos but of the best variety, as we as a family gathered together to decorate Christmas Tree 2012! The tree was voted in unanimously as this year's Chosen Pine on Saturday morning, trussed up in our trailer and brought home by a van-load of eight happy people. I happily fulfilled my role of stringing the lights, a role I stepped in to fill when our oldest sister married.

 With hot cider (mom's special recipe, you don't know what real cider is until you've tried this!) simmering on the stove, I unpacked the green tub that contains all our boxes of Christmas ornaments. What ensued was our family at it's best. There was a stark resemblance between an active beehive and us kids as we swarmed en mass around the Chosen Pine.  

{Karis and her special ornaments}


{see this old shoebox? This humble looking box marked in a very childish scrawl reading "Kellie's Ornamins," holds all my Christmas Tree treasures. Being as how I have a crazed fetish for tree ornaments, it's bursting at the seams!}

{the ornaments from Katheryn's box}

The night always ends with a group shot of all of us kids in front of the tree. Yes, there really is a tree behind that mob.

See those six kids up there? There's an age range from 28 to 13. That's a span of fifteen years. But to us it doesn't feel that way. We're as close as peers and think of each other that way. We're a tight-nit bunch who laugh together, be silly together, do goofy stuff that only we think is funny...but we also pray for each other, stand together in trials, and carry a blood-bond that I know can be very rare amongst siblings. I am so blessed to have these godly people as my brothers and sisters. Let's "do it again." :)

Have you gotten your tree yet? What's your favorite ornament? I'm crazy about Christmas trees and ornaments - tell me about them!

{click here to see pictures from last year's tree extravaganza!}


  1. Oh, what a lovely photo-post documenting ya'll putting up your tree!! =D WE just put ours up last Friday & we were up till 10 hanging ornaments. ;)

    Can't wait to hear *more* & share about how our decorating normally goes when I receive your next letter, my friend! <3

  2. Haha, the last picture reminds me of my family! My parents have us kids pose in front of the tree, I always feel like a giant, the way we dwarf the tree that seems so tall most of the time!

    We got out tree last weekend, we were worried as Christmas tree lots are rather scarce in this are, but after a long search that left us worried about finding a decent tree wasn't $100, my Dad just ran to Lowes and got the best tree we've ever had!

    I love Christmas ornaments, in my family we have a tradition of every year we all go on a special trip and pick out our own ornament and then we write our name and the date on them!

    The age range of my siblings is pretty close to yours, 28-9. There's only 5 of us though, and only one boy, he's the youngest and so a wee bit spoiled.....

  3. Such great, sweet photos! Love seeing your family (and photography) Keep up the good work m'dear!


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