Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday ~ Bits of a Sunday Afternoon

Sundays at my house are slow and quiet and that's exactly the way I like them. After we all get home from our churches at our various times, we'll have a simple lunch and then in quick order, we all sorta crash into place on the floors, couches and beds. Some sleep, some read, some write's just quiet stuff.

Yesterday, I grabbed the camera and just snapped a few shots of what I could see happening around me. Without further delay, Sunday.

{my feline side comes out when I see patches of sun on carpet}

{I love me some feminine trinkets and accessories}

 {The Sisters Three believe in the power of scarves}


 {my mani &  me}

{Karis designed and crochetted these fabulous slippers; perfect not only around the house, but for keeping feet snug and toasty inside of boots}

{happy finches outside our living room window}

{we do puzzles like other people do video games}

 {listening to some tunes while working on my latest writing project}

{my bedtime snuggle buddy; this fat pink kitty was given to me on my 20th birthday by a fondly remembered traveling buddy from my travelin' ministry days! Hey-ah, Beth D!}

I hope you have as lovely Sunday afternoons as I do. :)


  1. Quiet Sunday afternoons are sort of "sacred" at my house. My family is very protective of them. :)

    Yesterday, my parents watched some football which basically equals a snooze fest for me but then mom and I watched 'Nanny Diaries.'

    Love your traditions, Kellie. :)'

    (Hey, I see you have an HP laptop - do you like it?)

  2. I love your pictures...and your Sunday afternoons! We meet in our home at the moment and we always have lunch and fellowship after Sunday morning service (and we only have one service :)).

    And I have the exact same zebra print scarf. LOVE it. :)

    1. Girl, lets rock our zebra scarves! Zebra is my favorite color. ;) I've always though it was be so lovely to have a "home church" like yours! What a great way to really get close to specific members of the body of Christ! Having chances to have really meaningful conversations with people in a church-building setting can be really tough!

  3. Amazing pictures, Kellie! Love your use of natural lighting. And the bokeh in that shot of the puzzle picture? SO GOOD! Well done :)


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