Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

My morning began with it's usual routine:

5:40am - I wake up for no reason at exactly this time, like I do every morning. I happily go back to sleep.
6:15am - my alarm goes off. I turn it off and go back to sleep.
6:20am - my secondary alarm goes off. I turn it off and go back to sleep.
6:21-6:30am - I wake up about every two minutes, check the time and debate for about 5 seconds whether I should get up this time or wait a few more minutes. I usually go back to sleep.
6:30am - I get out of bed.
6:30-7:06am - get dresses while shivering in our ice-cold walk-in closet; walk to bathroom and wash face, brush teeth, etc. I then put on my make up and do my hair, which usually means twisting it up into a messy-bun or on the rare occasion (like today), leave it down, which generally requires an extra moment to straighten the naughty strands that want to kink up.
7:06-7:11am - pack lunch, gather stuff together, read Bible.
7:12am - walk out into FREEZING cold to warm up my frosted car. Hurry back inside.
7:13-7:17am - read Bible some more.
7:18am - with a quick spritz of Love Spell, I'm out the door, stopping to pet my cat who's asleep on the porch swing.

I made my usual Tuesday swing through the Starbucks drive-thru this morning and after last week success with a vanilla beverage, decided to try the new drink:

Unlike the Vanilla Chai, the Vanilla Spice does have coffee in it, a fact of which I noticed immediately. I wouldn't classify this as a "sweet drink," but as I've sipped on it slowly this morning, it's sorta grown on me. I can't exactly isolate any extraordinary vanilla or spice flavor, but the overall impression of taste is that of a average good-tasting coffee.

It's a good thing I've begun taking pictures of the inside of the cup before I even leave the Starbucks parking lot, since this drink was SO HOT that the wiped cream has already almost melted by the time I drove the 30 feet from the drive-thru window into an empty parking place. I also almost burnt my hand on the cup, but I'll, of course, no sue them. :)

And this is me trying to take a picture of myself in an active parking lot without being obvious. 
I hope all of you who read this post are having a good Tuesday! My personal challenge for myself today comes from my bible reading this morning:

(Hebrews 10:22.23)
"Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful."

Be true of heart!


  1. Mmmm, that sounds delicious! You look adorable by the way!

  2. Thanks for sharing your morning routine ! I'm doing pretty good at getting up in the morning since i put my alarm on my desk and HAVE to get up to stop it...
    Thanks also for sharing this verse, I love Hebrews and I love the fact that I have to dig to understand the verses from that epistle !
    Have a great day Kellie !

  3. So long as its tasty, what else matters!? :)

  4. Your linky thing isn't working...so here's my link, gral! <3


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