Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday ~ Bits of A Frosty Morn

I don't work on Wednesdays, but instead of kippin' in as I'd normally be inclined to do, I was mysteriously summoned out of bed yesterday and out into the frosty morning. With sweat pants ungainly tucked into my brown fuzzy boots, fingerless gloves, and a zip-lock bag (as all cold-weather photographer should!), the camera and I spent a beautifully shivery half an hour trying to capture the magic of the morn.

Whether the pictures do it any sort of justice or not, it really was beautiful....."like sun on glass." (Name that movie quote!)

{water an inch thick frozen on top of the barrels}

{me and my shadow; that's a messy bun on my head, not a tumor}

 {frozen ivy}

{my darling Poof-cat catching some cold rays on the porch swing; he then proceeded to come with me as I tramped around the house and grounds}

{a strangely frozen puddle}

{strength in adversity}

{so don't laugh if you're from a much colder climate that me!}

{my car's spoiler looking pretty and sparkly}

{the best 100 feet of road in the world...the driveway to home}

Have a fantastic Thursday!
Oh! And I almost forgot the most IMPORTANT news of the day!
Season 4 of Merlin is out today! My pre-ordered copy is already on it's way! 
No apologies for the fan-girling going on, folks.
**wink & a grin**


  1. Love love love your pictures ! The frost gives to the most common thing a magical cover...And I also love the fact you're getting up early to take pictures...I'll try to do it on saturday !
    Have a great day :-)

  2. Once again, love the pictures! My favorite is the puddle picture. Sometimes lack of color is what makes the photograph. Oh! And I love your new banner :) You must tell me....where and how do you create your banners?

  3. Marie: Frost is amazing! It's just too bad I only get to see it in the early mornings! It covered my car door so thick this morning when I was leaving for work that I had to yank the door handle a couple times! Hehe, good luck on Saturday! :)

    Breanne: Thanks, Miss Breanne! And I just texted you about the banner question!

  4. I pretty much always love your blog posts. When I want something cheery to read...I look up your blog! :) How is life? Looks COLD!!!! lol I'm such a baby! 25 is too cold for me too...haha.

    1. Little Lady: That is tremendously encouraging! I'm glad my blog is a source of cheer!! That just made my day. I love all the Doctor Who/Merlin fan-girlin' going on over at your blog all the time!

  5. My life sounds very similar to yours!! :) Trying to keep my blog running while driving back and forth to see my fam each week, giving some piano lessons to my nieces and nephew, all while working 5-6 days a week, pretty much all day! It keeps me crazy busy! And of you (haha! :D yay made a Merlin fan-girl out of you! ;) I just love to be able to chill in the evenings with my current fav shows! So what are you working on in your writing (if you don't mind me asking!! :) I actually used to write like crazy, but when I got to kinda killed off my writing fervor, but I would love to start up again someday! I actually finished one novel that was half-way was 6 years ago when I wrote it. LOL. Yup. Pretty much I love your blog because there are less words (or better, more simplistic, cheery words), lots of pictures, and the fact that you love DW, Merlin, Starbucks, and Jesus! :D Toooooo much fun. :D

  6. Great photos, Kellie. They look fabulous. :)


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