Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday ~ My List of Wishes

Like I mentioned on Monday, I don't make New Year's resolutions, but this year, just for fun, I made a List of Wishes. My List of Wishes are the things that I'd LOVE to do sometime, whether this year or sometime in my lifetime. Some are crazy, some are whimsical, some are insane, some probably will never happen...but that's the point of wishes. If they don't happen, then it's okay. But if they do...well then. :)

Without further ado, introducing...

Go to Ch√Ęteau de Pierrefonds in France to see Camelot castle. Although I'm too late to see any actual filming of Merlin *sniff sniff*

Dye my hair dark brown.

Ride in a British compartment train through European countryside! Boo-yah!

Pet an elephant.

Sit next to someone famous on an airplane and pretend I don’t know who they really are.

Be there when a flash-mob goes off.

Ride a turquoise Vespa through narrow, cobble-stoned streets in some epic town.

Climb to the top of a water tower or windmill.

Teach myself to say "oi!" instead of "hey!"

Obtain a complete set of original Anne of Green Gables books (worth, ahem, several thousand dollars…)

Go to Stevesville, BC and watch a day's filming of Once Upon a Time.

Have a professional make-up artist do my make up and!

Learn to read and speak Hebrew

Have my picture taken with all my favorite Disney princesses at Disney  (hello, Belle, Ariel and Jasmine!)

Ride a motorcycle all the way down the pacific coast.

Pose for promo photos (I guess I’d need to be in a movie or something for that, but oh well!)

Build a full-scale Tardis and put it in my front yard.

Stand up in the sun roof of a moving car and feel the wind on my face.

Be interviewed.

Wear a big, floppy cute retro hat and look cool doing it.

Go for an adventure in a big fishing boat.

Ride a zip-line through a foggy, shadowy forest.

Own a wardrobe.

Ride a red or yellow bicycle-built-for-two.

Have a pet de-skunked skunk or ferret.

Plan/Coordinate someone's wedding - that would be fantastic!!

Swing dance and do it well.

Ride in a fire engine with it's lights flashing and sirens blowing.

People-watch at a little corner cafe in some off-the-beaten-track European town.

Go to a couples dress-up party dressed as either Mary Poppins & Burt or the Doctor & Rose.
(although Rose wasn't my favorite Companion...but she's the iconic one we think of)

The Beginning.
Because it's certainly not the end. :)


  1. I am one of your newest followers and love this list! I am from Germany and though I can't have a Vespa I can drive you through some narrow cobble stone street. ☺

    In this
    post you can see my boyfriend in one of the tiny streets in Heidelberg.

    Oh, and at my blog I am hosting a Valentine Series for ladies in waiting and a Giveaway....German chocolate & tea and a vintage Hankie!

    Hear from ya!


  2. 3, 6, 22 and 27 are my favorites and on my wish list too! Though, most everything on your list might be getting added to my list, the first 4 I already had down..... ;-)

  3. Very impressive, friend! I LOVE the Once Upon a Time one!!!!! =D

  4. Iris: I just looked at the pictures and oooh, how I'd love to come visit your Germany! Hopefully this wish will actually get to come true someday. :) I'm thrilled to have you following my blog and I've popped over to yours, too! HHHmmm...I could use some German chocolate!

    Katysue: This list was the product of a month's thought but each one I'd love to do!! Each one contains a potential adventure and sounds like so much fun! Feel free to steal any of my should do you own List of Wishes blog post!

    Meghan: It's thanks to YOU that I'm now a Once Upon a Time fan, sister-friend! Lets go together. :)

  5. OUAT - that one would RULE!

    Love that. :)

    Oooh! And my idea for coloring my hair a "dream" shade? It was always a pretty auburn. I've done it twice now and love it but am still searching for the "perfect" shade. ;O

    This is so much fun, Kellie.

    1. Rissi: I've colored my hair once with TRAGICAL results (orange wasn't exactly what I had in mind...) and now my hair is finally back to it's naturally unoriginal brown. I REALLY want to go dark, chestnut brown...but my 13 year old brother is campaigning HARD against it every time I talk about it...and of course he's bringing out all my own worries: it won't end up being what I want, I'll hate it, I'll regret it, it'll take FOREVER to grow back out, etc. I keep chickening out! I even have two boxes of dye tucked away from BOTH times I went to do it...I even got as far as gloves on my hands in front of the bathroom mirror! *rolls eyes at self* But one day, I'll do it!! :) Two of my three sisters have red hair, so whereas I think red shades are pretty, I'll stick with dark browns for myself to maintain individuality. :) I also have this crazy desire someday to due it some outrageous color, like turquoise or bright blue or Little Mermaid-red or some other insane color....we'll see. ;)

    2. Your 13-year-old brother is wise beyond his years. ;)

  6. Kellie!!!!! Ruth Cover and Katie Moreland here! Just enjoyed reading your wish list. We definitely want to join you on the motorcycle ride as long as fire men are involved :,) Happy Saturday from Florida. Ruth misses you and we want you to enjoy bowling today! and. and. and. um. um. one second, she's thinking.... When I (Ruth) get home I will be really good at tennis and I will come beat you! ;<)

    1. MH: I should have known you'd have an opinion on this. *grin*

      Katie & Ruth: Hey girls!!! Hehe, of COURSE you can join me on my motorcycle adventure and believe me, I'd love to have a fire-fighter invovled, too. **wink & a grin** Miss you, too, Ruth! Wish you could have come bowling, too! Oh dear...I'm thinking my venture into tennis might have already reached retirement...but you go, girl! Love you two lovely ladies!! **big hugs**

  7. Let me come along and we can make a trip of it???? :D Unfortunately I have already mastered "Oi!" and get a LOT of weird looks...haha. I love it.

    1. Little Lady: Girls road trip!!! Yay-ah, sounds like a plan! I'm all in. :) Hehe, I must begin Operation Oi soon so that I an solicit these weird looks, too! :D


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