Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday ~ The Most Amazing Post EVER!

Before you start thinking that I'm probably getting just a bit full of it after reading a post title like that, let me explain. You see...

There's been so much amazingness happening around here, folks! In many different shapes and forms, some frivolous and fun, some with onion-layers of meaning. And as I drove to work this morning and was having a morning chat with God {over a venti passion tea lemonade with two extra pumps of syrup}, I was just thanking God for all the amazing.

Amazing #1 - 
Getting in a car accident (as "minor" as it was) taught me a lot. It's been teaching me a) to drive more safely and to stop thinking I'm a NASCAR driver when I'm about to miss my exit b) to re-acknowledge that all my life and safety are indeed in the Lord's hands and I should never take His daily protection lightly. That's pretty amazing.

Amazing #2 -
The guy who hit me was a peach and got the insurance stuff taken care of within barely 24 hours. That's not the norm. At least around here it's not. So that's pretty amazing, too.

Amazing #3 -
Good friends are truly, truly amazing. Especially the kind that will go completely out of their way to give you a ride to the shop to pick up your car. And if that friend just happens to drive a bright red, still practically brand spankin' new Camero and play loud country music with the windows rolled down....that's just extra amazing.

Amazing #4 -
Getting my car back from the shop with it's new replacement appendage. And not even being able to tell there had ever been even a scratch on it's beautiful self. And as a bonus, let me just say: car insurance is especially amazing!

Amazing #5 -
It's pretty amazing to have a little nephew due to arrive any day! This will be my 6th "Sibling's Offspring" and the 2nd born nephling! I can't wait. I don't like the suspense but I already love that amazing little boy.

Amazing #6 -
There's a wealth of young people right now that want to sing. So they find some way of getting themselves recorded and then they post it all over the internet, hoping to become youtube famous. And the rest of us listen to it, smile knowingly to ourselves and think "well, I'm sure the older people in their church appreciate them."

That is not the case with Madison. She's fourteen. For the past few months, we've been chumming it up here on the blog world and I've enjoyed getting to know her. She's sweet, funny and has like the best smile ever. And she sings. I mean, like she really can sing. And I want to share her amazingness with you - so just click THIS link and listen to the first song on the list. And then once you do that, go to her blog and tell her you listened to it! Because it really is amazing.

That's the end of the amazingness for today. I'm so blessed with family, friends, bog buddies, car insurance and a God who is always, always watching out for me.

Life is pretty amazing.


  1. WOW! I am SO honored, Kellie! When I saw this post I (in all seriousness) went and jumped on my bed with a four year old. I am glad people are being blessed with this song. It really is a great song that has brought me to tears a few times.

    Well I just want to let you know, I have ever so enjoyed your blogging company as well. My family all knows who you are because I can't stopping talking about you and your blog :)

    Thanks again for the compliments and such! Have a marvelous day!


    1. Hey, what are friends for but a little free publicity, right? *grin* I look forward to our continued blog friendship. Shout outs to the Russ family. *wink*

      Oh and you're so welcome! I'll just gladly accept an autographed first release when your album is made. *wink*

    2. And as do I! I'll make sure to get that to you! :) I will practice my autograph starting now!

    3. Okay, sounds fabulous! :)

  2. I love the chats I have with the Lord while I'm driving in my car too!! I am happy your car is returned back all good and fixed girl!! God is good. I am also happy you are safe and sound after your accident--what a scary experience! I should stop driving like a nascar driver hahah. I love how you kept referring to being thankful in this post, i think it is a important thing for us to do as Jesus-followers because it gives us so much joy!! you rock girl!! Hope you had a good day today!


    1. Some of my best "God moments" have happened behind the steering wheel of my car! And yes, thankfulness is SO key to joy! Right now, I'm sort of re-learning that "in all things, give thanks, for this is the will of God." And one of the implications of thankfulness is that, in saying thank you, we acknowledging that WE had nothing to do with it...and for me, to constantly be thanking God goes against my "control complex," So, being thankful is something that I (and everyone!) am constantly needing to gain strength in!

      Thanks for your comment, Jessica!

  3. Oh yes, don't car accidents teach us to be more thankful? I had one a year and a half ago. A guy ran a red light and slammed into my passenger side. Totaled my car and gave me bad cut and a hairline fracture on my foot. Not fun! But what hit the closest for me was the knowledge that there are around 20 to 30 seconds that I have no memory of. Now that's not much time I realize, but I also realize that just that quickly my life could have been gone. It doesn't take 20 seconds to lose a life, it only takes 1. And in that 20 seconds, would I have been ready to meet Jesus? I think so, but I'm so thankful that He saved me instead! Now every time I get in my car, I think about it and almost daily say a prayer for safety while driving, for me and for everyone else. Because I was saved, but the person next to me in the neighboring car may not be and are they ready to meet Jesus?

    1. Kara! That accident sounds terrible!! That would be really scary to not remember 20 seconds. I'm glad that you are alright now, though!

      Hope you've been doing great!

  4. I'm doing fine now! Guess I could have mentioned that huh? :) But it was scary and awful and was a great reminder to me that I need to trust God. I thought I knew that. I thought I trusted Him. And I did, but the accident really made me aware of how important it is to trust Him daily and moment by moment. Especially as we don't know when our last moments will come.

    Okay, enough sermonizing from me. Hope you're having a wonderful week, Kellie! :)

    1. Same here, Kara! Is truly minor as my rear-ending's had me thanking the Lord so much more often for just the daily protection that I don't even see happening!

  5. Hi Kellie, I was just looking over your blog (found it from my friend Tanna Then I stumbled across this post and realized you were talking about Madison Russ. She is pretty awesome and wow, can she sing!!! amazing! Well, just thought I'd say hi, since I was here visiting. God bless.

    1. So glad you did, Barrie! Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)


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