Friday, June 10, 2011

Music I Love: Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe
I knew the name Kari Jobe long before I truly discovered her music for myself. But once I did, she quickly has become a favorite in my playlist. Not just because her music is pretty or enjoyable (it is indeed both), but I love it most for her heart for the Lord. Few artists are able to capture true feeling and honest worship in their songs, but Kari Jobe has nailed it.

The style is accoustic, in a style I would call "light contemporary", with both fast and slower songs. I can't say enough about how "worshipful" her music is, that really is the predominant theme! She doesn't dwell on man's failures and needs (as many contemporary artists do) but it's all about JESUS, Who He is and What He does. It's true worship.

It's hard to pick which songs are my favorite, but I'd probably pick: I'm Singing, Joyfully, Beautiful, and Sweep Me Away.

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  1. Heard about her and will check out her songs.


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