Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thursday ~ I live. I love. I like...

Falling asleep in the middle of the warm afternoon to the tune of Norah Jones.

A cute little nephie who grabs onto my legs and imploringly looks up at me to pick him up. And not being able to resist.

A pretty new summer scarf for only $3.75.

An interesting new discovery.

Being one of the first people through the doors at my favorite thrift store in the early morning.

Seeing a sad black and white sight on the side of the road by my house and rushing home to find my sweet furry-friend still alive asleep under her favorite tree. I love you, Jonesie!

A new British tv series that has me hooked.

Sitting cross-legged in my office chair.

Scheming as to what is the quickest and most efficient way of lubricating my insides with some form of ice cream product…

Oh, and Pandora Disney radio stations!! Keeps me smilin' and hummin' all day long! =D

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