Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday ~ Concerning Apple Dumplings

I'd told myself that I was not going to do yet another post consisting of merely pictures taken from my phone, but alas, as Katheryn and I are house-sitting (oh, glorious "home ownership!!"), I have no other device with which to chronicle today's baking endeavor.

The word baking implies a lot more effort than I actually put into the kitchen today. Assembled might be a better word. I found this recipe by accident, and it intrigued me because one of it's ingredients was Mountain Dew - not your typical ingredient for baking. It also included crescent roll dough, apples, butter, white sugar, and cinnamon sugar. In other words, Apple Dumplings. No, not the gang. The food. **goofy grin**

To make according to Kellie:

Peel and slice 'dem apples into eight wedges. Granny Smith's will probably be what you want. You know, those super crunchy ones that about take out a tooth when you try and bite into them. Don't worry about that. The apples will be a soft, yummy mush later.

To open crescent rolls, tear the crescent roll paper like it instructs, and then bang it on the side of the counter approx. 5 times until it finally pops open (since they never pop open just by tearing the paper like they are supposed to - can I get an amen??). Try not to scream when they burst open in your hands.

Wrap/roll an apple wedge in each crescent triangle, beginning with the smallest part of the triangle. Place then in 9 x 13 pan. You can squeeze those 16 babies in there, trust me!

Next, if you were to follow the recipe, you'd mix an ungodly amount of butter, sugar and cinnamon together to pour over those sleeping beauties reposing in their pan. If you're ME, you mix about 1/4 cup MELTED butter, 1/3 cup sugar, and about a teaspoon of cinnamon. Pour that poison over the rolls.

Lastly, take a can of Mountain Dew (or estimate about a cup from a larger bottle you have on hand. You know, that last bottle from your hidden stash in the trunk of your car...oh wait? No one else does that? Never mind, moving on.) and pour that nectar over the rolls.

Pop the pan into a 350' pre-heated oven for about 35 minutes, or until they begin to get the kind of tan you'd like to have yourself. I over-tanned mine just a mite. The part of the dumplings that are still in contact with the Dew in the pan will still look squishly. Let 'em cool a few minutes, then eat those babies up!

They may not be the prettiest thing you've ever eaten (at least mine weren't, due to their over-extended vacation in the oven, but they taste great!) Very glad that I reduced the amount of butter and sugar, otherwise I think they would have been way.too.sweet. As it was, they had a mild sweet flavor that went really well with the apply flavor inside. And you can't taste the Mountain Dew, and like I said earlier, the apples with be a pleasant soft mush-but-not-too-much consistency.

I though they were delish! Quick, easy, and that apple inside will trick you out into thinking there's nutritional value in the consumption thereof! Which is always a plus. **winky winky**

Update: after munching on them most of the day, I decided that I like them absolutely best when they are thoroughly cold. Katheryn agreed.


  1. One more thing ... I need to add we had such a blast house-sitting. The owners were very appreciative and loved coming home to a tidy house. The dog was a dirt ball but nothing could be done for a puppy who refuses to be behave like a spa dog. I do hope they ask us for another stay because Katheryn and I would love to house sit for them again. :)

    Oh wait. I'm not Kellie. Dana here.
    Dear Kellie, You left yourself logged into your account on my computer. And self control has me nicely telling you I am going to log you out and me in. And not have all kinds of fun running around the internet logged into google as Kellie ... Thanks again for staying! And yes, I'll call again.:)

  2. OK, wow. I was thoroughly confused. Now I'm thoroughly embarrassed!!! Mrs. E, my sincere apologies for not logging out!! I reminded myself that morning to do so...but of course, forgot in the usual Kellie-fashion. **blushing** As far as house-sitting, truth be told - it was a wonderful weekend, I thoroughly LOVE your house and the fact that whenever I'd look outside any window, there was always a cat somewhere in the vista. It was a quiet get-away that I really needed. =) Call on the Sisters Two anytime for all your-house sitting needs. =P


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