Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday ~ Starbucks Tuesday

So, this beautiful Starbucks Tuesday finds me, sadly, eliminating dairy products from my diet. That meant that last night when they made the rest of the trial batch of mocha punch that is truly the stuff dreams are made off, yours truly merely stood by and smelled it in all it's glory. Perhaps prior to the famed baby shower, I will make it again (with lactose pills handy **Thanks, Brea!**) and give a little how-to, yes? No promises.

I woke this morning at 6:00am. No, actually, I woke up at 5:59am. My inner clock is so strange - it predictably wakes me up one minute prior to my alarm going off. Don't ask me why. So, alarm goes off at 6:00am. I actually roll out of bed at about 6:15, change into my running cloths, and hit the trails for a quick run. Ah, Kellie, Kellie...remember my post last week about the mask I wear? Well, with that last sentence about me going running, I could leave it at that and let it be implied that I run every morning. Buuuuut...to tell you the mask-less truth, this was only my second morning to run. "Running" might even be a little exaggeration. I should perhaps say "I went lumbering down the road" or "I went flopping down the road." Either way, I'm stiff and sore enough to win the part of the Tin Man, but also energized and motivated to take on this day!

 I'm usually a morning person to begin with, but today I especially am! See it? I was even pumped up driving to work! Hey - I wasn't talking or texting while driving! I just haven't heard anything about not taking pictures while driving...

 Starbucks drive-thru! I almost asked the guy at the drive-thru window to take a picture with me for my morning's chronicle, but chickened out just in time.

Ok, forget the Passion teas altogether, and maybe even my usually-loved green tea lemonade! Because today I tried Starbuck's new "Refreshers," and boy-o-boy, if I hadn't already been wide-awake, I sure would have been after my first sip, because my taste-buds jumped up and started to sing the National Anthem right then and there! They gave me a sample of the Berry which instantly sold me on the Refreshers, and the Cool Lime didn't let me down either! The yummy tea flavor we've come to expect from Starbucks, but with that added sweet element I personally found lacking in their other cold teas. Yes, yes, we have a winner! And of course, the added bonus and whole reason that I had to get creative for my Starbucks Tuesday: no dairy!

But question of the morning: why did Starbucks give me a Subway straw with my drink?!? I'm so confused.


  1. YAY, KELLIE! You went running!!!! I'm so proud of you!!! But, why are you not eating dairy? That makes me sad. =(

  2. Ruth, it makes me so sad, too! But I've been having gradually increasing unpleasant symptoms (if you want to know exactly what, you'll have to ask me in person. I'm all about taking off the mask now, but I can only do so much publicly *wink*) following dairy consumption, mostly milk or ice-cream. So, I'm eliminating it to see if they will go away, to hopefully narrow down that it is indeed diary that is the culprit. But it is sooo sad. Thankfully, if it does prove to be a lactose intolerance, I can get some pills to take that will allow for diary eating, but I'll always have to be on the look-out. *weeping*


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