Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday ~ Beyond the Reach of Mortals

If you need me, you'll find me at this place:
...with this kind of view out my window...
...and this kind of beautiful stuff going on outside...
...while I'm inside this room temporarily and affectionately known as "my room"...
...drinking hot chocolate with cinammon like this...
...and snacking on sour gummy worms like these...
...and reading these books.

Yes, I'm on family holiday this weekend at "our" Mountain House paradise, outside of cell reception although graciously blessed with internet access. Also, doing photos from my laptop which does NOT have Lightroom installed on it, so I'm photo editing from the ol' Picasa, which after using Lightroom, seemed highly inadequate. Even though I edited the photos sitting in a completely dark windowless bathroom (for optimal editing) with "Dancing With You" by Jesse Bonanno on repeat (one of the prettiest songs on the planet) I have no idea if these pictures actually turned out right, since my laptop screen isn't color calibrated correctly. But whatever - I'm on holiday, so I'm not going to fuss about it! *grin*
So, folks, if you need me....haha, too bad. :)


  1. Looks amazing, I have always wanted to stay in a cabin!

  2. Oh, I'm needing a cabin retreat! Those are the best :) And don't worry, your pictures turned out fine. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I loved The Tutor's Daughter and the Healer's Apprentice! I haven't got my hands on The Fairest Beauty yet, but I'm hoping to soon. Anyway, have a nice weekend! :)


  4. KatySue: It's something we've started doing in just the past few years! As much as we love outdoor camping, having an actual house to holiday in is definitely more comfortable and a lot less work!

    Brea: It's paradise! Everyone needs a good get-away place! And I'm glad my pictures turned out okay! :)

    Kristin: I'm definitely enjoying my delightful stash of reading! I'm almost done with Healer's Apprentice and will hopefully start The Fairest Beauty next, as long as I can get it away from my sister, who confiscated it for her own reading pleasure. :D I most certainly will have a nice weekend!

  5. Umm, the looks like a lovely place to spend a family holiday! I love vacations at the snow--there is so much beauty in the forests! And sour gummy worms and cozy reading? Sounds so relaxing. Have fun, friend! :)

  6. Kiki: Gral, let me tell you - it was!! I probably spent too much time reading instead of chillin' with the fam...but it was oh-so-wondefully lovely! I can't wait till our next venture up to the Mountain House! :)

  7. Have you finished The Tutor's Daughter yet? I loved it! The Healer's Apprentice was lovely also. I haven't read Fairest Beauty, but it's on my (ever-expanding) list. :)

  8. Kara: YES! I finished Tutor's Daughter and I loved it!! I though the author did a really good job capturing the time period, even if most of the dialogue was more modern in style. Which, frankly, I really didn't mind at all!! :D I actually wasn't a huge fan of Healer's Apprentice - it was a strange mixture of fairy-tale-ishness and Christianity. I just felt like the "love at first sight" thing was upper-far-fetched (even for a "fairy tale" style book) and the hero guy kinda acted with the emotions and responses of a woman! And whereas I do believe that spirits can be cast out, the exorcism at the end was kinda out of place with the rest of the book! I lost my "oomph" for that author by the end of it and haven't even started Fairest Beauty yet! It'll probably sit up on my shelf for awhile, and then randomly I'll start reading it..and then by like "I love this book! How could I have let it sit here so long??" :D

  9. Heehee! I understand completely. It was certainly a different approach to a fairy tale, which worked well in my opinion, if I recall correctly anyway. Now I'll have to reread it to see what a second time through will do. Sometimes they don't hold up to second reads and it's been a while since I read it. The next one, oh what's the name?, The Merchant's Daughter! It didn't work quite as lovely for me as the first. But I do want to try the newest one.

    And isn't that just the way it seems to work? Some author's are meant for certain times in our life and others aren't. And vice versa (or however you spell that). Not sure how it happens or what doesn't connect you one time that does connect you another? Kinda funny. :)


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