Friday, February 22, 2013

What You May Not Know: About Me

Ten things about myself that you may or may not know 
and may or may not even care about.


1. I'm 5' 6 3/4 '' tall and the tallest female in my family. Whereas 5'6'' may not be exactly tall as an average,
I always feel tall since I'm also taller than all my girl friends.

2. Zebra is my favorite color, although blue and gray are my favorite real colors.

3. I used to suck my thumb when I was younger. Thank God for no overbite.

4. I've considered eloping. :)

5. I do not have a smart phone and you can still hear "click-skritch-click" when I text.

6. When my two older sisters (Kristine & Katheryn) and I were much younger, we created our own version of the chicken dance.
It was truly....disturbingly original. 

7. The only sports I really like are basketball and ultimate Frisbee. 

8. I've been in just about 3/4 of all the forty-eight contiguous states. 

9. I love fishnet stockings and other such patterned tights.

10. I'm a 2nd generation thrifter. Thrift stores and shopping in them is highly therapeutic for me.
90% of my wardrobe is thrifted and I bet you couldn't even tell. :)


  1. Yay for blue and grey! I don't know anyone else whose favorite colors are the same as mine. :) Blessings!

  2. Such a cute and informative post, Kellie! Lovely of you to share. :)

    Ha! I see what you did: Favorite read colors, blue and gray... and your new design is absolutely LOVELY. :)

  3. Kate: Blue has always been a favorite color of mine and in recent years, gray has taken it rightful place amongst my favorites! It's such a happy, fresh color combination, isn't it??

    Rissi: Thanks, Rissi! I love reading other people's "random things" posts, it's always so much fun to find out the random tid-bits that you wouldn't normally know! Hehe, you got me - I gravitate towards blues and grays in everything, so it was only natural to use those color schemes in my blog design! :)

  4. you've considered eloping, I've considered an arranged marriage. only who does that these days? :)

    1. LadyM: I've actually contemplated an arranged marriage myself! But it was in the throws of two failed relationships and I was just fed up with it all! :D Actually, a friend of mine (a certain female who rode in the car with us up to the ice rink who was not my sister) was telling me about her coworker who's family does arranged marriages. It's a cultural thing for them, but I was surprised to hear than anybody even does arranged marriages!


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