Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday ~ What Happened In the Mountains

As you already know, me and my family were on holiday this past weekend. There's this place up in the mountains that we love, affectionately known as the "Mountain House" where we try to spend a few weekends (or longer) during the year. This was our first time to stay during the winter months and so seeing our favorite Paradise with some snow was delightful.

{the Mountain House, picture taken after most of the snow had melted}

{here we are just having arrived at the Mountain House, excited to find snow on the front deck!}

{being the family that we are, we didn't waste much time before food reached our top priority - our favorite pizza and cold bottles of {non-alcoholic) ginger brew!} 

{We're a hearty eating family}

 {the snow beckoned us like the call of the wild and Saturday found us bundled up and heading down the hill to where the best selection of snow was to be found}

{Stuart was brutal with the snowballs - I'm surprised that us girls don't have bruises!}

{boys will be boys - and Scott & Stuart, despite a five year age difference, are fantastic friends and are constantly together. And when I say together, I mean wrestling, ambushing, head-locking, and altogether making each others live very fun and exciting in a very boy kind of way}
 {I even suited up for the snow and got into the snowball fighting, once I handed the camera to someone else}

{we all made "snow figures" - Katheryn made a snow giraffe (her favorite animal), I made a snow cat (my favorite animal), and Karis went traditional and made a very victorious-looking snow man}

 {while Stuart, never the one to be mainstream, made a "snow mushroom," which he lovingly called his "Shroom" and carried up to the house where we watched it melt over the next few days}

 {we believe in the magic of white lights, and so we brought some to decorate "our" porch}

{quite evenings hours snuggled up with a book}

{I drank LOTS of hot chocolate with cinnamon & nutmeg - which is amazing! And of course, there's always lots of laughs when it's my family hanging out together!}
{by the last day there, most of the snow had melted, except for patches in the shade and foresty areas, and the sun was shining brightly again. Here's the Remnant, my affectionate name for those of us still unmarried and living at home}

Anyways, that was some bits of my time away from civilization and cell service. I can't wait til we go again!

Photos taken by mom, Katheryn or me, edited by me.


  1. I LOVE family time. There's really nothing like it. I very much enjoyed this post. The fist picture is fantastic! And the picture with your sister getting hit with the snowball is perfect! Oh and I loved seeing the picture of you laughing....I miss that laugh ;)

  2. Ahh, looks like so much fun, and makes me miss the snow! *sniff*sniff*

  3. This is a FAB post, Kellie. Love how joyful your family looks. :) You all must have had a wonderful time - and it shows.

    Happy Wednesday. :)

  4. Brea: We both have big, crazy families that we LOVE hanging out with! I wouldn't be me without my family. :) Haha, well, I'm sure if I ever get out there to visit you, they'll be plenty opportunities for seeing me laugh again. :)

    KatySue: It was super fun, KatySue! Do you not have snow where you moved??

    Rissi: Hehe, I love that you said "fab!" I use it all the time and have gotten laughed at for it! :D I definitely take my family being called joyful as a HUGE compliment! I am very, very blessed with a family that loves to be together and basically never fights with each other! That's a rarity these days! My parents taught us from a super young age to respect each other and to never tear each other down with name-calling or hurtful actions, and that was a huge foundation is us all building solid relationships with each other. They're the coca to my cola. :)

  5. Pretty, pretty photos, girl! I love those white lights. I pin a ton of photos on Pinterest that involve white lights these days. :) And I loved reading about your family, too! You guys sound like so much fun. :)

  6. Looks like a beautiful time my friend--SO glad ya'll were able to go & have such a MAH-velous time!
    I am emailing you back tomorrow. ;) Love ya!

  7. Kiki: Thanks! And I have a "white lights" board on my Pinterest, too! I titled it "In Search of Ambiance" - I have a huge weakness for ambiance! :)

    Meghan: It was simply MAH-velous, as you said! I'll excitedly anticipate the email, love! :)

  8. That looks like a fabulous trip! Nothing like time away from the busyness of real life, is there? :) (And yes, white lights add lots of magic! That particular picture was wonderful.) Your family looks like a great group. The kind of people where anyone's welcome and loads of fun is bound to happen. :D

    1. Kara: It definitely WAS a break from business - other than a few ventures out into the snow, I pretty much laid on my bed or couch reading the whole time!! Hehe, and yes! Never a dull moment with us! :)

    2. Laying around and reading is my idea of a wonderful vacation time! ;)

  9. :D Aw! That looks like a great time! Relaxing vacations away from everything can totally refresh you! I LOVE that you have dubbed your selves "The Remnant". So cute! There are only four kids left at home now with my parents, and I'm off and away, three siblings married. I miss the good old days of just enjoying each others company.

    1. Little Lady: I didn't realize you were from a big family, too! There's eight kids in my family (age range 36 to 13!) I know what you mean about missing the good old days!! I've been seriously thinking and praying about taking the step towards getting my own place (after all, I'm nearly 26!) but what really holds me just not having that constant "togetherness" with my family! As much as I want to be independent and responsible...the thought of not being a part of everyone's day to day, laugh-to-laugh life...totally makes me want to NEVER leave!! We'll see what the rest of the year holds and where God leads me! :)


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